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The new citywide campaign Practice Safe Sex urges New Yorkers to remain vigilent as the Zika virus continues to circulate in the Carribbean, Mexico, Central America and parts of Miami-Dade County (Florida).

Practice Safe Sex Zika Posters

Practice Safe Sex
Tengan relaciones sexuales con protección

Fight Back NYC is a citywide campaign to inform New Yorkers on how they can reduce and prevent mosquito bites.

New Yorkers can protect themselves from mosquito bites by wearing protective clothing and using mosquito repellant. New Yorkers can also help by removing standing water, the breeding site for mosquitoes, in bird baths, cans, flower pots or any place where water can gather and mosquitoes can lay eggs. Call 311 or file a complaint online to report any standing water that you cannot manage yourself.

Fight Back NYC Posters

Fight Back NYC
English [PDF]
¡Protégete NYC!
Español [PDF]
NYC Vai À Luta
Português [PDF]

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Standing water can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes, including the ones that spread the Zika virus. By removing standing water and reporting it, we can all do our part to prevent mosquitoes from breeding.


Elimina el aqua estancada, NYC. El virus del zika es transmitido solo por ciertos mosquitos.


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