Healthy Children/Healthy Schools

The Healthy Children/Healthy Schools program helps schools provide more opportunities for students to get physical activity, eat healthy and create overall wellness. It aims to promote healthy and equitable school environments.

Through this program, the Health Department’s Neighborhood Health Action Centers help schools:

  • Connect to resources and programming to support wellness in schools.
  • Organize school wellness councils comprised of school administrators, teachers, parents and students.
  • Support staff- and parent-led wellness programs.
  • Develop school-level wellness policies, such as policies on healthy snacks and beverages and physical activity in the classroom, as well as holding healthy fundraisers.
  • Identify and work toward achieving wellness goals.
  • Hold presentations on the effects of sugary drinks, and of unhealthy food and beverage marketing.

You can help improve the health of your school community with resources from our Healthy Schools Toolkit.

NYC Excellence in School Wellness Award

As part of the Healthy Children/Healthy Schools program, the New York City Excellence in School Wellness Award (ESWA) recognizes elementary schools that are making an effort to create healthy school environments and a culture of wellness. The award highlights school practices and policies that promote children’s health and wellness.

The Excellence in School Wellness Award will be temporarily on hold for 2020. After 10 years, we are taking time to reassess and evaluate the award program. Despite the temporary cessation of the program, we hope that your school will continue to be a leader in the promotion of school wellness.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have or any support you require on school wellness.

Healthy Children/Healthy Schools is operated by the Health Department’s Center for Health Equity and Community Wellness. To learn more about the program or ESWA, email

¡Buen Provecho! — Eat Well

¡Buen Provecho! — Eat Well aims to improve healthy food choices, increase access to affordable, nutritious food and foster family engagement within schools. The curricula was developed by registered dietitians. Each lesson contains step-by-step instructions, a list of necessary supplies, an activity and optional discussion questions.

The curricula is free and available for download:

  • The Breakfast Club Curriculum (PDF) features 10-to-15 minute lessons on nutrition and healthy eating for parents/guardians.

  • Eating Healthy for Success (PDF) is an NYC Department of Education-approved curriculum that integrates New York State Next Generation learning standards for pre-K through first graders.

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