Healthy Schools

The District Public Health Offices (DPHOs) work with school communities to promote good health both inside and outside the classroom, focusing on increasing opportunities for physical activity and healthful eating.

The DPHOs help schools:

  • Connect to resources and programming to support school wellness.
  • Organize school wellness teams comprised of school administrators,
    PE teachers, classroom teachers, students and parents
  • Develop school wellness policies
  • Identify and work towards achieving wellness goals. Examples include conducting healthy fundraisers , implementing healthy snack policies, integrating fitness breaks into the classroom setting, and supporting staff and parent wellness programs.

Download the Healthy Schools Toolkit

NYC Excellence in School Wellness Award

Excellence in School Wellness Award was created to recognize elementary schools for their efforts in creating a healthy school environment as a means to promote child health and improve academic achievement. The focus of the award is to highlight school policies and practices that will encourage healthier behaviors within our communities.