Arm flexes with a bandage from a COVID-19 booster.

    Protect yourself from COVID-19. Learn more about the latest boosters and how you can get your dose in NYC.

Protect yourself and others from monkeypox.

    Learn more about the ongoing outbreak in NYC and what you can do to reduce your chance of getting and spreading monkeypox.

A smiling child wears a backpack and carries three books over their head.

    Vaccines are required for children to stay in school and day care. They are safe and reduce the risk of illnesses like measles, polio and chickenpox.

    Learn more about the vaccines your child needs to stay healthy.

Mom holding a young child and a baby.

    Get your children vaccinated for COVID-19. Children 6 months to 4 years old are now eligible.

    Ask your child’s pediatrician if they offer the vaccine, or search for a site on the City's Vaccine Finder.

Abortion. Safe + legal for all in New York City.

    Abortion is a safe and common service that is available to all patients seeking care in NYC.

    Learn about your options and how to find a provider near you.

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