Community Health Centers and Private Providers

Community health centers and private health care providers play an essential role in planning for and responding to a citywide public health emergency. Below, you can get information, tools and resources to improve mitigation, response and recovery during emergencies.

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Primary Care Emergency Preparedness

The Community Health Care Association of New York State links federally-qualified health centers to community organizations and NYC emergency response agencies so they can collectively plan for and respond to disasters. This includes:

  • Risk assessment and emergency planning
  • Emergency management policies and procedures
  • Communication plan compliance with state and federal laws
  • Training and exercises

Tools and Templates

The tools below provide community health centers with the resources to develop site-specific plans to enhance their overall emergency management program.

Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning

Business Continuity Planning

A business continuity plan can help your center continue to provide essential services during an emergency. The two documents below should be used together.

  • Participant Materials (PDF): This document provides worksheets and sample templates to help outpatient/primary care settings develop site-specific business continuity plans.
  • Evaluation Materials (PDF): This document helps providers to evaluate the effectiveness of business continuity workshops offered to outpatient/primary care settings.

Hazard-Specific Plans

  • Coastal Storm Plan Template, January 2018 (PDF): This plan outlines the steps primary care facilities should take during major coastal storms.
  • Infectious Disease Outbreak Plan Template, March 2015 (PDF): This plan template outlines the steps primary care facilities should take for infected patients while continuing to provide services to non-infected patients during an outbreak. It provides general plans that can be tailored to specific diseases and guidance during an outbreak.

Additional Resources

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