NYC MRC Cadres/Advisory Board

The NYC Medical Reserve Corps Advisory Board consists of MRC members representing a broad spectrum of health care professions. They represent the best in their fields, and lend their expertise to help guide decisions about NYC MRC policy and activities.

Members must provide evidence that they have completed ICS 100, ICS 700 and MRC Orientation.

The Advisory Board meets quarterly, and membership is by invitation only.

Radiological Reserve Corps

NYC MRC Radiological Reserve Corps enlists health physicists, radiation safety techs, nuclear medicine techs, radiation oncology techs, radiation safety officers, medical physicists, people with experience with radioactive substances, and others with familiarity with radiation safety practices to become members of the Radiation Reserve Corps (RRC). Candidates who have familiarity with radiation detection equipment and radiation safety practices are needed most, but others are also welcome to join us. You will be part of both NYC MRC and RRC.

The Radiation Reserve Corps will be mobilized in response to radiological and nuclear emergencies in New York City to help screen people for radioactive contamination and to help treat those who might have inhaled or swallowed radioactivity during an emergency. You need not reside in NYC, but must be willing to come to the city in the event of an emergency.
Benefits of belonging to RRC include twice yearly symposia on Radiation topics, trainings on radiation detection, a quarterly electronic newsletter with the latest news about radiological terrorism and emergency and the knowledge that you are helping to keep NYC safe.

Resiliency Emotional Support Team (REST)

The REST Team is comprised of a core group of qualified, trained individuals who, when activated, can be rapidly mobilized to provide on-site disaster mental health services. The REST team provides disaster mental health services such as information
and referral, psychological first aid (PFA) and crisis counseling. These services might be provided on site within the Ne York City Health Department and/or at City-designated response sites.

At this time we are inviting qualified mental health MRC volunteers to become part of the REST team. Qualified MRC volunteers are welcomed to participate in the all-day All Hazards Disaster Mental Health training, which is the prerequisite for all members of the REST Team. MRC volunteers must meet at least one of criteria’s below in order to be considered for the REST Team.
  • NY State License or Certificate as a (SW, Counselor, Therapist or Qualified
  • Psychiatrist (NYSMHL)
  • Master degree and at least 2 years of full time experience providing MH Services or
  • 1 year of experience providing services to those experiencing traumas or disasters
  • Bachelors degree and 2 years of experience providing MH services
As part of the REST team you will gain satisfaction from knowing that you are helping New Yorkers become better prepared to respond to and recover from the mental health implications of disasters and public health emergencies.

Pediatric Intensivist Response Team

The Pediatric Intensivist Group is part of the NYC Medical Reserve Corps, remaining a distinct cadre within NYC MRC. Membership in NYC MRC will provide these medical professionals with indemnification against malpractice through Municipal law 50K, provided that the Pediatric Intensivist Cadre is activated by NYC MRC. This team is activated by FDNY when a pediatric disaster has occurred with NYC (100 or more children involved.) The role of the Pediatric Intensivist Response Team is to make transfer decisions for pediatric patients, ensuring each patient gets the appropriate level of care. This cadre is by invitation only.

NYC MRC Volunteer Leaders

The NYC MRC Volunteer Leaders Program was created to extend the reach of MRC by using Volunteer Leaders to manage public health sites and events. Volunteer leaders agree to take responsibility for one MRC event a month. They welcome volunteers, take attendance, keep records, coordinate with sites and provide records to NYC MRC office by mail or email.

The benefit of becoming a volunteer leader is increased responsibility and visibility, and the satisfaction of serving those who have little access to healthcare.

Current NYC MRC Advisory Board Members

Norberto Alberto, Pharm.D

Ariel Alvarez, R.N.

Bernice Banschick, N.P.
Nurse Practitioner

Rugiatu Bahr, RN

Ann Barber, M.D.
Internal Medicine

Jon Bloomberg, E.M.T.

Robert Bristow, MD
Emergency Medicine

Patricia Buttenheim, R.N.

Okja Cho, R.N.
Emergency Medicine

Barbara Cohen, Ph.D.

William Fasbender

Alain Fedida, M.D.
Cardiology, Emergency Medicine

Joan Flanigan, MD

Luis Fujimoto, D.M.D.

Rosemond Gianutsos, Ph.D.
Psychology, Neurology

David Glotzer, D.D.S.

Priscilla Gonzalez, R.D.H.
Dental Hygiene

Gary Guarnaccia, M.D.
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Mark Jarrett, M.D.

Adam Lichtman, M.D.

Josef Machac, M.D.
Nuclear Medicine

Ralph Nofi, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychology

Vashti Sankar-Deonarine, RN

David Seres, M.D.
Internal Medicine

Melissa Shah
Healthcare Student

Barbara Smith, R.N.
Nursing, Infection Control

Christopher Smith, LMHC
Administration, Psychology

Deborrah Symonette, M.D.
Emergency Medicine

Darryl Wisher, RPh., E.M.T.
Family Practice