Immunization Provider Special Mention Category

To be recognized for Special Mention in 2015, the provider must have reached or exceeded 90% coverage for the 4:3:1:4:3:1:4 (4 DTaP: 3 Polio: 1 MMR: 4 Hib*: 3 Hep B: 1 Varicella: 4 PCV*) series among his or her 19-35 month-old patients and 50% coverage for the 1:1:3 (1 MCV:1 Tdap:3 HPV) series among their 13-17 year-old patients as of October 2015. The provider also needs to have had at least 10 patients in his or her 19-35 month-old or 13-17 year-old cohort. In addition, if the provider participated in the VFC program, he or she must have had a VFC Doses Administered Report (DAR) of 90% or higher.

Immunization providers eligible for Special Mention include those who did not have a Vaccines for Children (VFC) program site visit in 2015 or who had a visit but did not meet Honor Roll criteria at the time of the visit. (Honor Roll and Special Mention criteria are the same except the Honor Roll requires that the provider had a VFC site visit in 2015 and had at least 25 patients in his or her 19-35 month-old or 13-17 year-old cohort.)

* Hib requirements vary, based on age at first dose, total number of doses already received, current age, and product used.

The Bureau of Immunization congratulates the following providers

Health Care Provider
First Step Medical
Hea Kyoung Park, MD
Jerome Pediatric Center
Juan Pilarte, MD
Jude Arthur, MD
Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center
Medikids Pediatrics
Melrose - Child Health Clinic
Neopeds Medical Services
Rosario Reyes-Rigor, MD
Saint  Barnabas Hospital - Arthur Avenue Pediatrics
Santha Mohan, MD
Urban Health Plan - Adolescent Health and Wellness Center
Urban Health Plan - Bella Vista Community Health Center
Urban Health Plan - Saint Lawrence Community Health Center
Concepcion Tan, MD
Dr. Meng Pediatric PC
Edward V. Chan, MD
Gates Pediatric Center
Guo Nie, MD
Heights Pediatrics
Hongshu Feng, MD
Lutheran - Brooklyn Chinese Family Health Center
Lutheran - Park Slope Family Health Center
Lutheran - Sunset Park High School
Manhattan Pediatric Associates
Maria Paz Duban, MD
Milestones Pediatrics of New York
Modern Pediatrics of Great NY
Muhammad Tariq, MD
Pediatrics Care PC
Pengs Medical
Quality Pediatrics
SCO Family of Services
Unimed Family Health Care
Wangs Medical PC
Yong Kang Medical PLLC
139 Medical Group
ABC Zheng's Pediatrics PC
Carmen Garcia-Albarran, MD
Children's Aid Society
Children's Aid Society  - Intermediate School 218
Eddie W. Yang, MD
Eric Poon, MD
First Step Pediatrics
FW Comprehensive Medical Care
Gouverneur Health Care Services
Gouverneur Health - Smith Communicare Health Center
Manhattan Pediatric Associates
Pediatrics 2000 III PLLC - Haven Pediatrics 
Pediatrics 2000 PLLC - West 207th Street
Valentin Jovellanos, MD
Yan Li, MD
Advanced Pediatrics PC - 59th Avenue
Advanced Pediatrics PC - 95th Street
Angel Aguilera, MD
Caesar Preposi, MD PC
Carlos Ortiz Jr., MD
Charles B. Wang Community Health Center
Dr. Galinas Pediatrics
Dr. Pichardo Pediatric Center
Dr. Yusuf's Getwell Pediatrics of New York
East Sea Medical Care PC
Edgar Flores-Castillo, MD
Greenpoint Pediatric Center
Hispaniola Pediatrics PC
Indo-American Pediatrics PC
Jia Hong, MD
Joseph P. Addabbo Family Health Center
Leilani Besa-Loria, MD
Lyudmila Olson Pediatric PC
Myo Thant, MD
National Pediatric Center
Qikai Yao, MD
Rhina Rodriguez, MD
Richmond Hill Pediatric Associates
Sudhanshu Narendra, MD
Universal Pediatrics
Wan Soo Lee, MD PC
Staten Island
Lourdes Pichay, MD

If you have any questions about getting on the Honor Roll or receiving a Special Mention, please call the Provider Quality Assessment Unit at (347)-396-2404, or contact us at