Naloxone Dispensing Information for Pharmacies

Pharmacists who dispense naloxone can play a critical role in reducing the morbidity and mortality associated with opioid overdose in New York City.

Pharmacies that sign up to dispense naloxone are required to sell the medication to anyone (of any age) who requests it. A doctor’s prescription is not required, and recipients do not need to provide a photo ID. Pharmacies that dispense naloxone are protected from liability under New York State law.

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Sign Up to Dispense Naloxone

If you would like to make naloxone available at your pharmacy:

  1. Designate a Pharmacist Program Coordinator to review and sign the NYC Pharmacist Dispensing Protocol and Agreement (PDF). The Pharmacist Program Coordinator must sign the protocol upon initial enrollment and at least once every two years thereafter.

  2. Email the first page of the signed Protocol and Agreement to, or fax it to 347-396-8889.

  3. The Health Department will return an authorized standing order for your pharmacy within 10 business days. Once you receive this order, your pharmacy can begin dispensing naloxone.

Requirements for Participating Pharmacies

If your pharmacy receives a standing order to dispense naloxone, you must:

  • Make naloxone available. Participating pharmacies do not need to keep naloxone in stock at all times, but they must offer to order it on request. It can be ordered from your wholesalers just like any other medication you dispense by prescription. The Health Department does not provide naloxone to pharmacies. Naloxone usually expires after about two years.

  • Allow for unlimited refills. There are no limits to refills. The number of refills permitted is based on the patient’s insurance plan or ability to pay.

  • Provide patient education. Every naloxone prescription must include:

  • Provide pharmacist education. The Pharmacist Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring all pharmacists and pharmacy interns who will be dispensing naloxone have received appropriate education on overdose prevention and naloxone.

Submit quarterly naloxone dispensing reports. Pharmacists must submit naloxone dispensing reports to the Health Department every quarter, even if no naloxone was dispensed. Please see detailed information on reporting below.

Dispensing Naloxone

The standing order prescriber information is as follows:

Prescriber: Hillary Kunins, MD
Address:4209 28th St, CN-14, 19th Fl., Long Island City, NY 11101-4130
License: See authorized standing order.

Two naloxone products are currently authorized under the standing order:

  • Single-step Narcan® Nasal Spray. NDC 69547-353-02
  • Multi-step intramuscular naloxone vial and syringe. NDC 0409-1215-01 or NDC 67457-292-02

Pharmacies are not authorized to dispense the Evzio® Auto-injector under the standing order.


Please submit reports online using the Quarterly Naloxone Reporting Form for NYC Pharmacies.

The Pharmacist Program Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the number of kits (two doses=one kit) of each naloxone formulation/product dispensed be submitted on a quarterly basis to the NYC Health Department.

Due dates:

  • April 15th for reporting period January 1-March 31
  • July 15th for reporting period April 1-June 30
  • October 15th for reporting period July 1-September 30
  • January 15th for reporting period October 1-December 31

Email if you are unable to submit data online.

Kits dispensed under patient-specific prescriptions are also requested, but not required.


The Naloxone Co-payment Assistance Program (N-CAP) is a State program that covers up to $40 of a patient’s co-pay for naloxone if they have prescription coverage. To be able to bill under N-CAP, the pharmacy must be enrolled in the New York State AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP).

Naloxone must be dispensed and billed to anyone who requests it, regardless of who will be administered the medication.

Patients who cannot afford naloxone and are not eligible to use N-CAP can contact NYC Well for a referral to a free naloxone dispenser.

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