CIR: How to Report

There are two ways providers can report: Electronically or Online


Information is extracted from your encounter, billing or clinical management system and sent to the CIR via a secure electronic file transfer to the Web File Repository Guide (WFR) (PDF) or sent in real time via the HL7 Web Service.

Data Exchange Standards

  • Health Level 7 Standard, version 2.3.1 (HL7)
    The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) together with public and private healthcare professionals and software developers have defined a set of electronic messages that support the national standards for exchanging immunization data.  Using HL7 standards (PDF) will enable interoperability (communication) between EHRs, administrative and billing systems. See the CIR HL7 Web Service Integration Guide for Immunization Transactions (PDF).

For more information regarding “meaningful use” please visit Meaningful Use of EHR page.

  • Universal Provider Interface Format (UPIF)
    UPIF is the old CIR file format. Your practice may continue to use this format, but you will not be eligible for the Medicare/Medicaid “Meaningful Use” incentives.  See the UPIF Specifications (PDF)

To report immunizations administered, the following standard codes set must be used:

HL7 Vaccine Codes

HL7 Testing / Certification Process

  1. If your organization is interested in testing for meaningful use certification, please email the following items to
  2. Organization Name and Address
  3. Individual NPIs or Medicare Certification Number
  4. CIR Facility Code, if previously registered with CIR
  5. Contact Person Name, Title, Email address, Phone number
  6. EHR Name and Version number
  7. Version(s) of HL7 supported by your EHR
  8. Can your EHR already create a VXU message (any version of HL7)?
  9. Sign and fax back (or scan and email):
  10. For practices that provides services to individuals > 19 years of age, can your EMR flag patients who have signed voluntary consent to have their immunizations reported to the CIR? See the NY Immunization Laws and Regulations, NY Public Health Law, and sample consent Other languages: |En Español|.

When the CIR has received all necessary information, a test account will be created for your practice.

Use the test environment to do preliminary testing and view the web service responses to your submissions. Make all the necessary corrections.

Contact the CIR to set up an official test. Submit one month of immunization data to the CIR test environment through the HL7 web service. CIR staff will provide feedback on the submissions and identify any significant reporting issues. Make the necessary corrections. Once these issues have been resolved, a second month of new immunization data should be sent through the test environment for review by CIR staff.

*Certification requirements may vary from practice to practice and may depend on which EMR system you are using.  

For more information regarding electronic file certification, please contact us by e-mail,, or call (347) 396-2400.