New York City Antibiogram

Antimicrobial resistance is an urgent public health threat, and antibiograms are critical tools for identifying and combating the spread of drug-resistant organisms. Antibiograms summarize data about local or facility-specific antimicrobial resistance patterns for selected bacterial pathogens. Prescribers can use these data, along with their clinical expertise and patient information, to guide their selection of initial therapy and reduce inappropriate antimicrobial use in health care settings. Antibiograms are also an essential component of antimicrobial stewardship programs, as they can be used to detect and monitor trends in resistance.

Many hospitals and other inpatient health care centers create annual antibiograms for bacterial isolates tested within their facilities, but outpatient clinics generally do not publish data about antimicrobial resistance. To help address this knowledge gap in New York City, the Health Department publishes annual antibiograms profiling specific susceptibility testing results, using data from health care facilities that provide outpatient care in the city.

2016 New York City Outpatient Antibiogram

The City’s first regional outpatient antibiogram, published in September 2017, focuses on urinary tract infections diagnosed in 2016 and six key pathogens. Data were submitted from 16 health care facilities.

Clinicians in outpatient settings can use this antibiogram to:

  • Review data for the most common pathogens seen in outpatient urinary isolates citywide, by borough and by age group.
  • Estimate the relative likelihood that cultured urinary tract infection pathogens will be susceptible to common outpatient antibiotics.
  • Inform prescribing choices for uncomplicated urinary tract infections in the event of pending microbiology culture and susceptibility results, and made with respect to other clinical data.

If you are interested in contributing to the next New York City Antibiogram, or to get printed copies of the report or more information about these profiles in general, email