Free Colon Cancer Screenings for the Uninsured

The Health Department’s NYC Community Cares Project (CCP) provides all aspects of colonoscopy screenings free of charge to uninsured patients referred from primary care sites. CCP facilitates partnerships between endoscopy centers and primary care centers, such as Community Health Centers. This collaboration offers a unique opportunity to improve colorectal cancer screening rates and tackle persisting health disparities for uninsured New Yorkers.

Since August 2013, thousands of uninsured New Yorkers have completed colonoscopy screenings through CCP. Many of these patients had adenomas removed through CCP, potentially preventing cancers.

If you are an uninsured New York City resident and would like to get a free colonoscopy, contact a CCP primary care provider (PDF).

How the Program Works

CCP leverages a Certificate of Need requirement for endoscopy centers. In order for centers to be licensed, they must provide targeted levels of charitable care to uninsured and underinsured patients. Endoscopy and primary care centers both sign a “Memorandum of Understanding” agreement to help solidify their relationship.

In CCP’s model, primary care physicians directly refer medically eligible, uninsured patients to their partnered endoscopy center for a colonoscopy screening. After receiving a direct referral (PDF), the endoscopy center provides the free screening, as well as free anesthesia and pathology services. This direct referral process bypasses a gastroenterologist consult for medically eligible patients, reducing patient wait periods for screening.

Primary care providers and free-standing ambulatory surgery (endoscopy) centers located in the city can join this program by emailing

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