Condom Distribution

The NYC Condom Availability Program (NYCAP) distributes a wide variety of condoms, including:

  • NYC Condom (an ultra-lubricated male condom)
  • NYC KYNG Condom (a larger sized condom)
  • Ultra-Thin
  • Ultra-Sensitive
  • Extra Strength
  • Rough Rider (ribbed)
  • Flavored
  • Ultra-Lubricated
  • Studded

All male condoms are LifeStyles® branded. The program also distributes the Female Condom (FC2) and water-based lubricant.


Become a condom distribution partner! NYCAP’s goal is to ensure that all sexually active residents of the city have access to free safer sex products. Condom distribution partners:

  • Can order NYC Condoms, Lifestyles alternatives condom, female condoms (also known as the FC2), and personal lubricant.
  • Can have condoms shipped directly to their establishment.
  • Will have direct contacts at NYCAP for additional information or questions.
  • Can have their business name and address publicly available on the NYC Health Map's NYC Condom Locator and through the Health Department's mobile app NYC Condom Finder (for Android or iPhone).

Once you receive the condoms, make sure that they are easily available to your customers by placing them at the front desk entrance or register, on your counter/bar tops or other high-traffic areas. The idea is to make the free condoms accessible to anyone who wants them, so put them in plain sight! Additional storage and distribution guidelines are provided upon registration with NYCAP.

Organizations and businesses can request NYC Condoms and lube online or by calling 311.

Organizations and businesses that want free Lifestyles® alternative condoms and FC2s should email

Questions? We’ve got answers — email or call 311.

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