Information for Providers

NYC Early Intervention Provider Directories: These directories list all agencies providing Early Intervention services in New York City. The directories are provided in Excel spreadsheet format so that they can be easily downloaded, sorted and searched.

Evaluation Providers have an agreement with the New York State Department of Health Bureau of Early Intervention to provide evaluation services to children residing within the provider’s contracted borough to determine the child’s initial and/or ongoing eligibility for early intervention services.

How do I become a Provider of Early Intervention Services?

To provide Early Intervention in New York City, agencies must have a Provider Agreement with the New York State Department of Health, Bureau of Early Intervention (NYS BEI), to provide service coordination, evaluation and/or services to children and their families that are participating in the Early Intervention Program. Services may be provided within the family’s home or community, or in the provider’s facility, as approved by NYS BEI.

  • For information on how agencies and individuals can obtain a Provider Agreement, contact the NYS BEI at
  • Upon receiving an Appendix Provider Agreement from NYS BEI, contact the NYC Technical Assistance Unit at information on how to get started providing services in NYC.