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Message from the Commissioner

Commissioner Mark G. Peters
Welcome to the website of the New York City Department of Investigation (DOI).  DOI serves as the independent Inspector General for all City agencies, employees and vendors.  We make arrests where criminal activity occurs and issue reports on systemic concerns.  A full description of the scope of DOI’s authority is contained in the Mission and History section of the website.

DOI’s work -- providing transparency to government operations and assuring all New Yorkers that the City is providing services honestly, efficiently and effectively -- is more important now than ever.

DOI has an obligation to provide a factual record that allows policy makers to act on accurate information and allows the public to fully understand and evaluate government’s doings.  This requires rigorous investigations that involve interviewing witnesses, reviewing subpoenaed documents and conducting wiretaps and surveillance.  To date, this work has resulted in millions of dollars in financial recoveries and hundreds of arrests.

  • Our investigations of the Department of Correction have led to the arrest of dozens of staff and the use of drug sniffing dogs to root out contraband.
  • Our investigations of the Administration for Children’s Services have exposed serious flaws in the way that agency protects the City’s children and a renewed commitment to bring about serious change.
  • Our investigations into construction safety and fraud have resulted in manslaughter convictions for bosses who ignored worksite safety with fatal results and the return of stolen wages to many workers.
  • Our investigations into the NYPD have flagged non-compliance with rules governing surveillance of political and religious groups.

DOI’s work cannot fully succeed without public support and action.  You are often our most valuable source of information – our eyes and ears throughout the City.  City workers are required to report corruption to DOI whenever they see it.  But given the importance of this mission, I hope everyone who lives or works in the City will shoulder this responsibility as well.  You can report corruption, waste, fraud and abuse online report corruption, waste, fraud and abuse online.  Working together, we can continue to find the facts and keep our government honest.

DOI Commissioner Mark G. Peters
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