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Message from the Commissioner

Welcome to the website of the New York City Department of Investigation (DOI), New York City’s independent Inspector General and one of the oldest law enforcement agencies in the country.

DOI safeguards City resources, ensures that City government achieves the highest ethical standard, defends the dignity of public service, and fights to make City agencies work better for the people they serve. DOI is the City’s corruption-prevention agency, making arrests where criminal activity occurs, issuing recommendations that improve City operations, and releasing public reports on our investigations and the corruption vulnerabilities they expose.

The investigations we conduct serve a unique dual purpose: exposing and stopping corruption, waste, and fraud, while also recommending ways to fix the vulnerabilities we uncover. The public reports we issue, which you can read here, allow the public to better understand City government operations and where they need improvement.

As New York City’s integrity watchdog, our work covers a broad range of corruption-related issues, from construction fatalities and jail-safety probes to theft of City funds and filing of false documents with the City. While DOI’s work targets the wrongdoer, the heart of the agency’s mission is to protect the hard work of the majority of City employees who do their jobs with integrity every day and help to ensure New Yorkers have the honest government they deserve.

Our mission cannot succeed without everyone’s participation. City employees and the public are often our most valuable source of information – our eyes and ears throughout the City. If you witness corruption, waste, fraud or abuse you can report it to DOI, through our hotline at 212-3-NYC-DOI, and online here.

Working together, striving to do the right thing, in the right way, for the right reasons, we can ensure New York City government is honest, reliable, ethical and effective.

Margaret Garnett
DOI Commissioner

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