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Frequently Asked Questions About Employment at DOI


Q: Do you have any jobs available?

A: We accept resumes on an ongoing basis for the following positions: Investigator, Auditor, Attorney, Clerical Support. To review DOI openings please go to the New York City Careers page and search for Department of Investigation. For more detailed instructions, click here. People are called in for interviews as positions become available. Read more about working at DOI.

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Q: What are the qualifications needed to work at DOI?

A: The qualifications depend on the specific position. Generally, Investigator positions require a baccalaureate degree or previous investigative experience; Auditor positions require a degree with a minimum of 24 credits in Accounting or Auditing; Attorney positions require graduation from law school. However, in all cases, we have many more applicants than available positions so that not everyone with the minimum requirements will be called for an interview. Any experience above the minimum, including any paid or unpaid intern experience, should be included in the resumes.

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Q: How does one apply for a position at DOI?

A: Apply online at and search by agency name for the Department of Investigation.
When you apply, it is helpful to attach a school transcript (can be an unofficial copy of the transcript) and a brief writing sample if you are applying for an Investigator, Auditor or Attorney position.

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Q: How soon will I hear from DOI?

A: You should receive a letter acknowledging receipt of your resume shortly after its submission. We cannot predict when or if you will be called for an interview because that depends on the changing needs of the agency.

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Q: I am a college student interested in doing an internship at DOI. How do I apply?

A: DOI accepts a number of students during each of the Summer, Fall and Spring semesters for internships. Read more about DOI's Internship Program. There is no stipend for these internships, but we will be happy to work with you in fulfilling whatever requirements your school may have so that you can receive credit for your work here. A resumes accompanied by a transcript (can be an unofficial copy of the transcript) and a brief writing sample should be submitted to:

NYC Department of Investigation
Intern Recruitment Division
180 Maiden Lane
New York, New York 10038

Please note: all intern candidates must pass a fingerprint screening before they can begin working here, so please submit your resume as early as possible the semester preceding the one in which you desire to do the internship so that the screening process can be completed in a timely manner.

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