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Internship Program:

DOI’s Internship Program offers hands-on experience to college students, law school students and graduate students. We run three internship sessions throughout the year – in the Spring, Summer and Fall – each lasting between nine and twelve weeks, for up to 35 hours a week. DOI’s Internship Program offers brown bag lunches that feature speakers from the law enforcement profession who share their knowledge in investigations, criminal justice, and the law; and field trips that introduce interns to New York City government.

Below are the application opening and closing dates for each session, as well as further information on the type of internships offered. 

For all internship applications, DOI requests a:

» cover letter
» résumé
» writing sample
» school transcript

Finalists must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination and must be fingerprinted, as well as pass a DOI background investigation. If you have questions, please contact the internship program through this email:


Fall 2022 Session:

*September 12 through December 2, 2022

Application period for the Fall 2022 has closed.


Spring 2023 Session:

*February 14, 2023 through May 13, 2023

The Spring 2023 Session application period opens September 27th- November 18th.

Investigative Internship

»  Investigative Intern

OIGNYPD Internship

» Outreach Intern

» Policy Intern

Legal Internship

» Legal Intern

Auditing Internship

»  Auditor Intern

Data Analyst Internship

» Data Analyst Intern

Technical Services (Techroom) Internship

» Technical Services Intern

Information Technology Internship

»  Cybersecurity Intern

»  Desktop Support Intern

»  Development Intern

»  Engineering Intern

Clerical Associate Internship

» Clerical Associate Intern

To apply for internship,
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