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WARNING: Bogus Phone Calls regarding Jury Service or Similar Government-related Service

Please be aware of a phone call scam in which imposters are spoofing New York City Department of Investigation phone numbers beginning with 212-825-XXXX, leading the recipient of the call to believe it is coming from DOI, whereas the actual originating phone number is unknown. These bogus calls may falsely advise the recipient with a message related to jury duty or another government-related service to get them to provide confidential information. These are not legitimate calls, and they do not originate from or are associated with DOI in any manner.

Report Fraud & Corruption


Reports of fraud, waste or corruption can also be made by:

(212) 825-5959

NYC Department of Investigation
180 Maiden Lane, 16th Floor
New York, NY 10038

Reporting Fraud FAQ

The New York City Department of Investigation (DOI) is the City's Inspector General, with independent oversight of City government. Our investigations may involve any agency, officer, elected official or employee of the City, as well as those who do business with or receive benefits from the City.

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