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Human Service Providers

Mayoral Executive Order 64 and Human Service Providers' Obligation

Human service providers with a contractual obligation to report information to the Department of Investigation (DOI) consistent with Mayoral Executive Order 64 (“MEO 64”) should report the required information to DOI at


Consistent with MEO 64, human service providers must report to DOI, within 30 days of receipt:  


  • New Allegations/Complaints
    • Any complaint or allegation of sexual harassment or retaliation on the basis of a complaint of sexual harassment brought by any person against the Chief Executive Officer or equivalent principal of the organization, including through the provider’s internal Equal Employment Opportunity process.
    • A copy of any written complaint or allegation must be provided, with redactions to remove the name and identifying information of individuals other than the name of the accused.

  • Resolution of a Previously Reported Complaint
    • The final determination or judgment with regard to any complaint required to be reported to DOI above.  
    • A copy of any written determination or judgment, with redactions to remove the name and identifying information of individuals other than the name of accused.


Ensure that you have made appropriate redactions before transmitting a complaint or resolution to  Do not submit information such as social security numbers, birthdates, telephone numbers, or home addresses with your initial report. DOI will follow up to obtain such information if necessary.

Please Note: Reporting a complaint or allegation to DOI does not relieve an organization of any legal or contractual obligations to investigate and take remedial action regarding any complaint or allegation.