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DOI is the City's independent Inspector General (IG), with oversight of City agencies and commissions, elected officials, employees, contractors, and those who receive benefits from the City. DOI's Inspectors General oversee squads of investigators, auditors and lawyers who are responsibile for investigating City operations.

DOI investigates corruption, fraud, incompetence, mismanagement, and other abuses and crimes involving the City. DOI also identifies corruption vulnerabilities and recommends reforms to improve City operaitons. DOI's structure has evolved over its more than 140-year history, responding to ever-changing corruption hazards. A series of Mayoral Executive Orders in the 1970s and 1980s strenghtened DOI's ability to conduct independent investigations, centralizing all City Inspectors General under one agency − DOI.

DOI's Inspector General units, operationally called Squads, span all City agencies and include such areas as the Department of Correction, New York City Housing Authority, Health + Hospitals, and the NYPD. Collectively, DOI's Inspectors General have cracked numerous corruption-related cases from large scale bribery schemes to theft of taxpayer dollars. Since 2014, DOI has arrested more than 2,300 individuals for corruption and fraud-related offenses and issued more than 2,300 recommendations to close corruption vulnerabilities and improve City operations.

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