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Procurement Unit


Agency Chief Contracting Office

The Office of the Agency Chief Contracting Officer (ACCO) is the main office for procurement activities for the Department of Investigation. The objectives of the ACCO’s Office are to:

  • Procure cost effective and quality goods and services that meet the needs of DOI;
  • Strive to give all businesses, including Minority and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs), an equal opportunity to compete for DOI procurements;
  • Provide agency units with technical assistance related to procurement and contract management issues; and
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws, the Procurement Policy Board Rules (PPB), and Executive Orders.

PASSPort Communications

The City of New York is rolling out new features in its PASSPort online procurement platform that will make the contracting process easier and more transparent than ever. PASSPort facilitates every step of the procurement process - from identifying vendors to contract solicitation and response evaluation, award to contract, and invoicing to payment.  To maximize business opportunities, all contractors should create a vendor account in PASSPort. Please reference the Vendor Account Creation manual for step by step instructions on how to create a vendor account in PASSPort. For more information on PASSPort, visit the Mayor's Office of Contract Services (MOCS) PASSPort Webpage

Upcoming M/WBE Non-Competitive Small Purchase Contracts





Microsoft 365 - Licenses

September 2020


Suse License and Maintenance Renewal

August 2020






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