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Inspector General for the NYPD

File a Complaint

DOI’s IG-NYPD can be contacted at:

      Office of the Inspector General for the New York City Police Department
      New York City Department of Investigation
      80 Maiden Lane
      New York, NY 10038
      Telephone: (212) 806-5200

To contact the Outreach Unit, please call (212) 806-5200 or email

To reach the Press Office, please call DOI at (212) 825-5931 or email

Members of the public may report any complaints or concerns regarding the New York City Police Department's operations, policies, programs and practices to IG-NYPD via the which can be found online complaint form.

Please note that when communicating with IG-NYPD, members of the public are not required to provide personally identifying information and may submit a complaint to IG-NYPD anonymously. However, it will be harder to investigate and clarify the concerns addressed in the complaint without having a way to reach the complainant. Whistle-blower protections apply to individuals' communications with IG-NYPD, making it illegal for anyone to retaliate against a witness or someone who files a complaint in good faith.