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2018 - April

Procurement Fraud at the Department of Environmental Protection and other Corruption Schemes

2018 - March

DOI Issues Fourth Annual Report on Investigations by its Inspector General for the New York City Police Department

An Investigation of NYPD's Special Victims Division-Adult Sex Crimes

2018 - February

DOI Report Finds Serious Security Lapses at Two Correction Department Facilities Allowing Weapons and Drugs into the Facilities

DOI Investigation Finds Non-Compliance by NYPD With New Use-of-Force Reporting Requirements

Investigation Results in Arrests of 17 Certified Asbestos Investigators for Fraudulent Inspections

2018 - January

NYCHA Public Safety Failures Connected to Gang and Narcotics Activity at Sheepshead/Nostrand Houses

Illicit Activities at Hotels Used by the Department of Homeless Services to Shelter Homeless Families with Children

2017 - November

NYPD's Implementation of Procedures Concerning Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People

DOI Investigation Reveals NYCHA Failed to Conduct Mandatory Lead Paint Safety Inspections for Four Years

DOI Follow-up Investigation Finds Insufficient Inventory Controls Over Large Appliances at NYCHA Facilities

2017 - August

Theft by Former Richmond County D.A. Procurement Director

2017 - July

An Assessment of NYPD's Handling of the U Visa Certification Process

2017 - April

Misuse of City-Owned Vehicles

2017 - March

Third Annual Report March 2017

Inside Scheme to Steal Public Benefits: Mahalia Abraham

Dangerous Criminal Offenders in Public Housing

2017 - February

Sandy Relief Contract Overbilling

Outside Guidelines Complaint Process

2017 - January

Abuse and Neglect - Jaden Jordan

NYPD’s Crisis Intervention Team Initiative

National Grid

2016 - October

Safety Checks Neglect in Public Housing Apartments

2016 - August

Political Activity Investigation Report and Response

2016 - July


2016 - June

Quality of Life Enforcement

2016 - May

Legal and Practice Violations

2016 - April

Additional Arrests Due to Inadequate Oversight

Second Annual Report - April 2016

2016 - March

Fatal 2015 NYCHA Elevator Accident

2016 - February

Concerns Regarding Auditing Practice and Oversight of Contractors; United Block Association

2015 - December

Crime and Criminal Offenders in Public Housing

Employee Fraud: Cherrise Watson-Jackson

2015 - November


Fuel Delivery Fraud

2015 - October

Use-of-force, De-escalation Tactics and Discipline

2015 - July

Body-Worn Cameras Pilot Program Assessment

2015 - June

Corizon Health Inc.

2015 - May

Unsupervised Children

Garbage Hoist

2015 - April

Lawsuits and Legal Claims

2015 - March

Inaugural Annual Report - March 2015

Shelter Deficiencies

2015 - February

Emergency Communication Transformation Program

2015 - January

Recruitment and Application Process


2014 - November

Union Meeting

Security Cameras

Security Breach

2014 - October

Ambulance Dispatch Delay

Build it Back Progress

2014 - September

Tenant Interim Lease Program

2014 - August

ECTP Delays

2014 - July

CityTime Fraud

Avanti Report