IT Policy & Governance

DoITT is at the center of shaping technology policy and governance to improve how the City operates and delivers services to the public. In 2010, Executive Order 140 authorized DoITT to establish Citywide IT policies, consolidate infrastructure, and coordinate enterprise IT contracts.

In fulfilling these key directives, DoITT strives to achieve significant cost savings, improved efficiency, and security for the City. In partnership with the Chief Technology Officer, Office of Management and Budget, and other City stakeholders, DoITT takes a thoughtful, fiscally-responsible, approach to the City’s technology development and implementation.

IT Policy

DoITT creates and maintains IT policies to guide City agencies and business partners on important requirements, processes, and standards on technology implementation. These policies address City-specific considerations to ensure that the City’s information and technology assets are operationally effective and secure. A number of policies and resources are available at Technical Vendor Resources.

Working with City agencies and key technology stakeholders, DoITT takes a coordinated and collaborative approach to facilitate and support Citywide IT. In addition to policies, this approach involves facilitating interagency communications to ensure that the City's IT agenda is aligned with enterprise business needs and investments, as well as the individual business needs of each agency.


Issued on December 12, 2014, Executive Order 8 established the Technology Steering Committee, which consists of the DoITT Commissioner, the Director of the Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget, and the City’s Chief Technology Officer, who serves as Chair.

The Committee is tasked to perform the following functions:

  • Review city agencies' implementation of technology plans and initiatives;
  • Issue and monitor citywide technology policies and standards, including technology procurement;
  • Review proposed appointments of agency senior technology managers; and
  • Develop a citywide approach to risk management of city technology resources.