Language Gateway and Access Plan

NYC Language Gateway is a multilingual web portal that provides essential City resources translated in the most commonly spoken languages in New York City. The new web portal, built by DoITT, serves as a 'one-stop-shop' for the most immediate needs of Limited-English proficient New Yorkers and the community-based organizations that serve them. The Gateway currently includes 160 documents from 17 City agencies in English, Spanish, Chinese and Russian.

The development of the Language Gateway unifies the City’s Connected City Initiative and Language Access Policy, ensuring that technology programs are used to break down language barriers and provide greater access to public and city services. With the customer in mind, DoITT worked with the Mayor's Office of Operations and Office of Immigrant Affairs to enhance to allow non-native English speaking New Yorkers to quickly find information on how to apply for public housing, find a job, start a small business, qualify for health insurance and public benefits, and learn about pedestrian safety, parenting tips, and other important topics of local government resources.

Visit the NYC Language Gateway

Download the DoITT Language Access Plan