Language Access Plan

As the City's technology leader, DoITT is committed to developing and improving communications systems to provide all New Yorkers with equitable access to City services. DoITT oversees the City's official website,, and manages the operations and technology for NYC 311, which connects New Yorkers to government services by phone, online, and by text 24/7. Working together, DoITT and 311 strive to ensure that everyone can access the information and services they need in their preferred language.

Local Law 30 of 2017 mandates that all City agencies providing direct public services create a centralized and inclusive language access plan. Callers can access 311 information in over 175 different languages, and can be translated into over 100 different languages, including the 10 languages mandated by LL30. Read the DoITT/311 Language Access Implementation Plan.

For more information about language access, contact:

DoITT's Language Access Coordinator
Elsa Hampton

NYC311's Language Access Coordinator
Michael Hutchinson