Press Release

August 28, 2012
No. 002


Brooklyn’s Second “Learning Lab” Also to Open at Brooklyn Navy Yard

The Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT), Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC), and local elected officials today announced plans to invest $25 million in 2012 to expand fiber optic network technology to established and emerging business locations in New York City. The investments align closely with New York City’s desire to attract growth businesses that rely heavily on advanced communications technology. In addition to wiring the Brooklyn Navy Yard, as part of its cable television franchise renewal with the City announced last summer, Time Warner Cable is committed to laying 20 miles of fiber per year to underserved areas of the city through 2020. DoITT and TWCBC also announced that the Brooklyn Navy Yard will be the site of the next Time Warner Cable Learning Lab. The Lab will be accessible to local residents, who are encouraged to visit for job training and placement services, and will help connect residents to employers with jobs inside the complex. The announcement was made this morning at the Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network, Inc. (HITN) headquarters at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where a multi-million dollar investment to provide fiber-based solutions to tenants of the 300-acre business complex is underway. HITN is one of the complex’s first fiber clients and is utilizing the technology to improve and enhance its overall business operations, as well as to transport and deliver its online and television-based educational programming to viewers across the country.

“The Bloomberg Administration’s commitment to greater digital inclusion is exemplified each day – from partnering with private sector partners on infrastructure investments to expansion of broadband accessibility in public computing centers across the five boroughs,” said DoITT Commissioner Rahul N. Merchant. “The Brooklyn Navy Yard represents the latest advance on these efforts, simultaneously connecting an underserved ‘digital island’ with advanced communications technology for the businesses that require it, as well as setting the stage for increased public access to help further bridge the digital divide.”

“We are very pleased to work with the City of New York to make significant investments to ensure that this city has the technology infrastructure to successfully compete in a worldwide marketplace,” said Ken Fitzpatrick, President of Time Warner Cable Business Class, East Region. “Our fiber optic network provides dedicated Internet access at incredible speeds and high-bandwidth capabilities to serve the communications needs of any business.”
The company’s fiber network enables businesses to connect to a dedicated Internet network with speeds that can reach 1,000 megabytes per second (Mbps) and to have their voice, Ethernet, TV, and video transport solutions delivered over high-bandwidth fiber for increased speed and reliability.

“Time Warner Cable’s investment reflects the growing need for increased technology and speed for the 275 existing and growing businesses in the Yard. With this growth, comes jobs and the Learning Lab grant will support our efforts to prepare local residents for jobs in the Navy Yard,” said Andrew H. Kimball, President and CEO of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation.

“Switching to Time Warner Cable Business Class’s fiber optic network has proven to be very cost-effective for HITN,” said HITN CEO Jose Luis Rodriguez. “And the additional benefits – the ability to access additional bandwidth quickly and fiber optic stability – make it much easier for us to grow our telecommunications initiatives, from HITN-TV, which reaches over 40 million homes in the US and Puerto Rico, to our new cloud-based educational programs, including HITN Learning.”

“Today’s announcement is yet another sign of the Navy Yard’s continued success. Fiber optics and the Learning Lab will both allow the Navy Yard to continue to grow and help support the jobs our community needs,” said New York State Senator Daniel Squadron. “Just like the new Tech Triangle bus route we’re building, this is a step towards greater connectivity to allow the Navy Yard and all of Brooklyn to keep creating great new jobs. Thank you to Time Warner Cable Business Class, the Navy Yard, and all those working with us toward an innovative and flourishing New York.”

“With all the technology start-ups emerging in Brooklyn, Time Warner Cable Business Class has made the right decision by investing in the expansion of the fiber optic network,” said New York State Assembly Member Joseph R. Lentol. “Laying down this cutting-edge infrastructure will definitely attract more businesses to Brooklyn, and as result, create more jobs.”

“My office was proud to work with the City and Time Warner Cable Business to ensure that New York City’s commercial, industrial and manufacturing areas receive the highest quality communications technology to create jobs, support Brooklyn’s burgeoning Tech Triangle, and keep our borough attractive to new businesses – particularly those that need state-of-the-art fiber optic networks,” said Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz. “We’ve certainly come a long way since 1907, when the USS Dolphin – docked at the Navy Yard – was part of the first transmission of a singing voice over an arc radiotelephone. From the early days of wireless to the fiber optics of today, Brooklyn has been evolutionary – and revolutionary – in the way we communicate with the world.”

“Time Warner Cable Business Class’s investment in the Brooklyn Navy Yard will enable these businesses to connect quickly and efficiently, expanding their horizons of communication and laying the foundation for dynamic growth,” said Council Member Stephen T. Levin. “Additionally, the Time Warner Cable Learning Lab at the Employment Center is an investment that stems far beyond the Navy Yard, and will allow individuals to attain the skills and training they need to reach their full potential.  I salute Time Warner Cable Business Class for making these investments.”

“Today’s announcement represents yet another achievement in Mayor Bloomberg’s technology roadmap, equipping New York City to fulfill its digital potential. High-speed Internet access via fiber-optic technology is the foundation of a thriving technology sector, qualified workforce and connected city," said New York City Chief Digital Officer Rachel Haot. “With Time Warner Cable Business Class’s infrastructure investment, the City of New York takes a powerful step forward to a future as the world’s premiere digital City.”

The company’s fiber network is in addition to its hybrid fiber coax infrastructure that is widely available throughout in New York City areas served by Time Warner Cable Business Class, and offers a suite of data, video, and voice services.

DoITT and TWCBC also announced that a new, state-of-the art Learning Lab will be located at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, providing the public with free access to computers and high-speed Internet. The Learning Lab is scheduled to open later this year and will be part of the Navy Yard’s onsite Employment Center, located in Building 92.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Learning Lab will be the second such facility that Time Warner Cable has opened in Brooklyn, with the first opened earlier this month at Good Shepherd Services in Park Slope. It will be the sixth Learning Lab to open overall. Time Warner Cable committed to opening 40 computer centers enabled by broadband, branded as “Learning Labs,” when its cable television franchise with the City of New York was renewed last year. In partnership with local not-for-profit organizations, the Learning Labs provide free broadband access to low-income communities throughout its service area of Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and western Brooklyn.

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