Press Release

October 27, 2013
No. 005

NYC DataWeek Returns

Second Annual Celebration of Data Innovation

NYC DataWeek returns for a second year with seven days of citywide data celebration. Co-producers New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications (DoITT) and O'Reilly Media, and Strata Conference + Hadoop World announce the second annual NYC DataWeek, a citywide crowd-sourced celebration of the people, industries, and organizations using data to fuel innovation. NYC DataWeek focuses on data science and visualization events, including the DataWeek Challenge, a data hacking competition. Other events include Ignite at Strata, panel discussions, numerous meetups, and more.

Citywide Chief Information and Innovation Officer Rahul N. Merchant, Chief Analytics and Open Platform Officer Michael Flowers, Chief Digital Officer Rachel Haot, O'Reilly Media, Strata Conference + Hadoop World, and Control Group invite the data community to contribute to the crowd-sourced calendar. Most NYC DataWeek events are free, and NYC DataWeek runs from October 27 – November 2, 2013.

NYC Data Week highlights include:

Ignite NYC - A series of five minute presentations on a range of tech topics, with an emphasis on the wonder and mysteries that data science is addressing.
DataWeek Challenge - A competition that brings together data enthusiasts, hackers, and scientists to test their skills and creativity. Participants will learn how NYC Open Data and hand-picked data from several companies and organizations can be used to address New York City challenges. 
Startup Showcase - a chance for start-ups to demo their innovations to fellow technologists from across the city. 
"Data innovation has become synonymous with New York City under Mayor Bloomberg's leadership," said Citywide Chief Information and Innovation Officer Rahul N. Merchant.  "Along with our partners, we welcome the opportunity to once again spotlight data projects that are driving economic growth, enhancing public service delivery, and spurring innovation. NYC DataWeek celebrates and showcases our City's community resources and opportunities to use data to further improve the lives of New Yorkers."

"DataWeek's discussions and events demonstrate that from public services to private commerce, NYC is leading the world in the practical application of data," said the NYC Chief Analytics Officer Michael Flowers. "Our commitment to using data comes straight from Mayor Bloomberg, who relies on data every day to run this City. Through the NYC Open Data portal, the City is sharing what it knows with the public directly, including thousands of tables that reflect the day-to-day activity of the City, as well as APIs built specifically for private developers to use to innovate. DataWeek is a celebration of the way that we operate every day of the year in NYC."

"As the 2013 Digital Roadmap illustrates, open data supports innovation and transparency in city government and has been a cornerstone of Mayor Bloomberg's vision to develop New York City as the world's leading digital city," said Chief Digital Officer Rachel Haot. "Initiatives like the Reinvent Hackathon and the Reinvent Payphones Design Challenge have shown us the phenomenal level of creativity that our local tech community is capable of, and NYC DataWeek will be another great opportunity to support the sector."

"The future belongs to those who understand how to collect and use their data successfully," said Gina Blaber, Vice President, Conferences, O'Reilly Media. "We're delighted to be a part of NYC DataWeek again this year, as its crowd-sourced calendar of events spotlights the people helping to create that future in New York City."

"Data has the potential to be the great connector between public, private, and research interests," said Bob Richardson, Senior Director of Strategy at Control Group. "Sharing data among us will allow us all to create a better New York City."

DoITT is at the center of shaping the City's IT strategy and policy, especially as it relates to the emerging and innovative technologies making government more effective and user-friendly. Furthering the Bloomberg Administration's commitment to a more accessible, accountable, and transparent City government, DoITT spearheaded passage and is leading implementation of Local Law 11 of 2012, the most comprehensive open data legislation in the country. The City has released over 1,100 datasets to the public through its recently updated data portal.

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Maureen Jennings (O'Reilly) | (707) 827-7083 | | @oreillymedia