LinkNYC, DoITT Team Up with Local Artists to Launch #ArtOnLink

Links Throughout the Five Boroughs Display Artists’ Illustrations of Life in New York City

NEW YORK–– LinkNYC and the NYC Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) announced today a collaboration with local artists to launch #ArtOnLink on Link kiosks across New York City. The artwork captures and celebrates life, beauty, and culture in New York City and runs throughout all five boroughs on Link’s 55” digital displays.

The artists and series featured include: Julia Rothman’s illustrations from her book ‘Hello, NY’ (@juliarothman on Instagram); James Gulliver Hancock’s All the Buildings in New York (@gulliverhancock on Instagram); Nathan Pyle’s NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette (@nathanwpyle on Instagram); John Donohue’s All the Restaurants in New York (@eat.draw.repeat on Instagram); and José Guizar’s Windows of New York (@joseguizar on Instagram).

“LinkNYC is a quintessentially New York initiative, so it’s fitting that more than 1,600 kiosks will showcase city-centric art made by local artists over the next year,” said Samir Saini, Commissioner of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. “We’re very excited for New Yorkers to experience the creativity, wit, and skill of their fellow city dwellers who have rendered their own city experience for everyone to enjoy.”

“New York City’s local artists have a unique perspective on city life, and we are thrilled to give them a platform to showcase their work on LinkNYC,” said Ruth Fasoldt, Link’s Director of Community Affairs. “#ArtOnLink has created a unique way for New Yorkers and visitors to view and appreciate local artwork on the go -- and even learn some of the unspoken but important NYC tips and etiquette rules that New Yorkers know well!”

“I see Links all around the city. I was thrilled to have my art appear on them and be seen by so many people. I really like that they only appear for a short time on the screen before it flips to the next image, so it feels like you caught a quick glimpse of something special amongst the other information and advertisements,” said Brooklyn-based artist Julia Rothman (@juliarothman on Instagram). “My drawings are mostly about capturing small New York moments or details: a man changing the signs in a theater marquee, an MTA worker cleaning the tiles, people looking at art at the museum. I hope that viewers walking by see my work and it inspires them to appreciate all the small New York moments around them.”

“I was drawn to the #ArtOnLink program because I wanted to be part of the new, New York,” said James Gulliver Hancock (@gulliverhancock on Instagram).

About LinkNYC
LinkNYC is the first-of-its-kind communications network replacing the city’s payphones to build the world’s fastest and largest free public Wi-Fi network. Since Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the public launch of LinkNYC in early 2016, more than 1,600 Links are active across all five boroughs, with thousands more set to be deployed over the next few years.

More than 4 million people – more than the populations of the cities of Chicago, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Dallas, or San Diego – have used the free gigabit Wi-Fi service, with tens of thousands of new users joining the network each week.

In addition to free Wi-Fi, each Link offers free phone calls, device charging, and a tablet to access maps, 311, the social services platform Aunt Bertha, and access to 911. All of Link’s services are 100% free for users and come at no cost to taxpayers.

About the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications (DoITT) 
DoITT is the technology core of New York City government, working with over 100 city agencies and entities to deliver the tech they need to serve and empower New Yorkers. DoITT’s technology solutions help keep the five boroughs safe, strong, and vibrant. For more information, visit or visit us on Facebook or Twitter.