Joint Statement from Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications Commissioner Anne Roest and Chief Technology Officer Miguel Gamiño on the Repeal of Federal Internet Privacy Protections

April 5, 2017

"On Monday night, the President signed unconscionable legislation, championed by congressional Republicans, that unravels essential protections of your online privacy. We rely on internet service companies to connect us to websites, complete our calls and deliver our text messages. These corporations know if we are watching political news or seeking addiction support. They know where we go and who we talk to. And they should not be able to use, sell or give any of this information away without our knowledge and consent. This is particularly damaging for people who are already vulnerable to discrimination due to their immigration status, religion, health condition or sexuality.

"We do not stand for this in New York City. We are prepared to fight these atrocious invasions of privacy wherever and whenever we can. We will continue to implement strict privacy policies for public wi-fi directly provided by the City, such as LinkNYC. And we will also convene an Internet Health and Human Rights working group to help limit the potential for harms to protected classes due to the collection, use and sale of their internet provider’s information about them.

"This law serves no one except the multi-national corporations that lobbied for it. It’s clear that the President and congressional Republicans may be willing to put everyday Americans’ personal information up for sale. New York City is not."