LinkNYC, DoITT, Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs Celebrate New York City as a City of Immigrants

New Campaign on Links Highlights Facts and Photography of Immigrants’ Impact on New York City

NEW YORK – LinkNYC and the Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications (DoITT) today announced City of Immigrants, a content campaign celebrating the diversity of New York City and contribution of immigrants to city life and culture. The new campaign will feature facts from the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs Annual Report, among other sources, as part of the ongoing #LinkNYCfacts feature, as well as photography. The campaign will be displayed throughout the five boroughs on Link’s 55-inch digital displays.

“This is the ultimate city of immigrants. It’s what makes New York the greatest city in the world,” said Samir Saini, Commissioner of the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications. “We’re proud to share pieces of the city’s rich immigrant story on thousands of Link kiosks across the five boroughs, showcasing the City’s pride in who we are.”

“New Yorkers with origins across the globe have been and continue to be instrumental in making this the greatest city in the world,” said Bitta Mostofi, Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs. “This history deserves to be told, and we’re proud to partner with DoITT and LinkNYC to tell this story throughout the five boroughs.”

“New York City is a city of immigrants, and we are thrilled to use the Link network to highlight their important contributions to city life,” said Ruth Fasoldt, Link’s Director of Community Affairs. “Through bringing facts and photography about our history to the streets of New York, we hope to inspire pride in our city’s diversity, our heritage, and our neighbors.”

Link will highlight New York’s rich story of diversity through photos dating as far back as 1949 and facts, including:

  1. 52% of NYC businesses are immigrant-owned
  2. The top countries of origin for NYC immigrants are the Dominican Republic, China, Mexico, Jamaica, and Guyana
  3. NYC is home to 3.1 million immigrants, the largest number in city history
  4. Immigrants make up nearly 38% of the NYC population and 45% of the city’s workforce
  5. 49% all New Yorkers speak a language other than English at home
  6. Immigrants contributed an estimated $195 billion to NYC’s GDP in 2017

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