Strategic Plan

DoITT delivers foundational information technology, infrastructure, and telecommunications services to City agencies and enables access to technology for City residents, businesses, and visitors. The DoITT Strategic Plan, 2015-2017, outlines DoITT’s approach to advancing these services and improving how City government leverages technology to be more responsive, accessible, and efficient.

The plan articulates the agency’s top goals and initiatives as informed by DoITT staff and customers. The plan is developed around six core goals necessary to ensure that DoITT continues to prioritize high standards of quality across its services and across the agency:

Cover of Strategic Plan 2015 Progress Report
  1. Enhance and Improve Services to offer more advanced and timely technology implementations and streamline processes.
  2. Expand Strategic Role with Agencies to be more aligned with their needs.
  3. Invest in Human Capital to cultivate and diversify DoITT’s talent resources to best deliver services.
  4. Provide Robust Infrastructure to protect the City’s technology, telecommunications, and information assets and maintain service operations.
  5. Optimize Citywide Technology Administration to improve IT procurement options and vendor accountability and save the City cost and time.
  6. Facilitate Greater Access to Technology to engage all New Yorkers and expand broadband to underserved communities.

DoITT is committed to excellence in technology service delivery.