Information Security

Information Security Division

The Information Security Division oversees the computer network defense of New York City data and information technology assets against threats to confidentiality, integrity, and availability through management of the Citywide Information Security Program.

Through this program, the Information Security Division provides management of security infrastructure and services to other City agencies. This keeps all agencies in compliance with policies and standards.

The Citywide Information Security Policy includes:

  • Managing citywide security infrastructure
  • Forming the core of the City's Computer Emergency Response team
  • Coordinating IT security and more with other agencies as well as other government and private-sector partners
  • Managing the Citywide Identity Management Program

The Information Security Division also works closely with New York City Cyber Command to:

  • Set information security policies and standards for all City agencies
  • Direct citywide cyber defense and incident response
  • Ensure compliance with information security policies and standards