The New York City Wireless Network, known as NYCWiN, is a government-dedicated broadband wireless infrastructure created to support public safety and other essential City operations. It is a highly-secure and redundant wireless network that provides agencies real-time access to high-speed voice, video, and data communications throughout the five boroughs.

NYCWiN is a key element of the City's shared IT infrastructure, and has transformed the delivery of citywide services by automating and streamlining transactions. Secure, real-time data transfers from the field and fixed wireless devices allow for highly-coordinated responses and enhanced situational awareness, 24x7.

  • Is an interoperable Internet Protocol (IP)-based network bridging emergency management links between essential services agencies
  • Allows users to access myriad agency systems and applications on laptops and handheld devices in the field
  • Features prioritization of data traffic and 24x7 network support
  • Enables the secure transfer of critical information
  • Leverages two fully-redundant, 24-hour network operation centers and 377 transmitters with 24-hour battery backup capability, providing blanket coverage over 300 square miles across five boroughs
  • Supplies data mobility to agency users traveling at speeds in excess of 70 mph
  • Connects and empowers the City's mobile workforce

NYCWiN Success Stories

  • Department of Environmental Protection Automated Meter Reading Program - DEP's AMR system measures water consumption at consumer locations throughout the city via devices transmitting data across NYCWiN, providing more accurate and timely bills than ever before.
  • Department of Transportation Traffic Management Program - By transmitting traffic data between intersections and DOT's Transportation Traffic Management Center, NYCWiN enables DOT to centrally monitor and wirelessly program traffic patterns during rush hours, special events and emergencies.
  • Department of Parks and Recreation Remote Office Connectivity - DoITT has worked with the DPR to make more than 100 remote locations citywide NYCWiN-enabled, providing employees access to email,  Internet and intra-agency applications.
  • New York Police Department Patrol Vehicles Program - NYCWiN has enabled NYPD fleet vehicles to provide officers in the field access to a wide array of crucial information and NYPD applications that improve force productivity and safety.