Cable Renewal Comments

DoITT is hereby commencing a proceeding, as contemplated in Section 546 of Title 47 of the United States Code, to consider the possible renewal of cable television franchises held by subsidiaries of Charter Communications, Inc. (covering Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island), by a subsidiary of Altice USA, Inc. (covering the Bronx and Brooklyn), and by Verizon New York, Inc. (covering the City as a whole), all of which current franchises will expire in July of 2020.

As part of this proceeding, DoITT invites members of the public to submit comments herein connection with these cable television renewal proceedings.   You may submit your written comments to DoITT by filling out a form via the link below and attaching your pdf comments.  Note that comments are particularly welcome if directed to (as contemplated by federal law) 1) the future cable-related community needs and interests in your community, and 2) each cable provider’s record of performing during the current franchise term.  The current term of the Verizon New York, Inc. franchise began in 2008; the current term of the Charter and Altice franchises began in 2011. 

Please limit your response in this forum to no more than five (5) pages and be as concise as possible.  There will be other opportunities for the public to participate in the cable television franchise renewal process.  You will not receive an acknowledgement or a response from DoITT.  Any comments submitted may be subject to release pursuant to Freedom of Information Law.  If you have an active cable complaint, please contact 311. You may alternatively submit comments in writing by mail to DoITT at the following address:

New York City Department of Information Technology & Telecommunications
2 Metrotech Center, P-1 Level
Brooklyn, NY 11201
ATTN: Franchise Administration Department

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