NYC 3-D Building Model

3d Building Model

Building on the rich geospatial data already provided, NYC DoITT released a three-dimensional (3-D) Building Massing Model of New York City. The 3-D model includes every NYC building present in the 2014 aerial survey, the capture from which the model was developed.

Using the Open Geospatial Consortium's CityGML specification as the basis, the NYC 3-D Building Massing Model was developed to a hybrid specification combining elements from Level of Detail (LOD) 1 and 2. Highlights of the model include the differentiation of building components including roof, facades and ground plane. All major roof structures are modeled. Pitched roofs are modeled; however domes and rounded roofs are not. All roof appendages are excluded including but not limited to chimneys, parapets, spindles and antenna. In addition, a subset of 'iconic' NYC buildings was modeled to LOD 2. Lastly the buildings are attributed with a Building Identification Number (BIN) to provide a means to associate other NYC data for analysis and rendering. For further details, please visit our metadata page.

The 3-D model was a one-time capture. If the model proves useful, future updates and extension will be considered.


Format Size URL
CityGML 894 MB
Multipatch (ESRI) 251 MB
DGN (Microstation) 744 MB

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