Access to high-speed and affordable Internet service is no longer a luxury, but a requirement for New Yorkers to function adequately in the modern world. Broadband provides communication around City services – including public health, transportation, and social services – and access to broadband can be lifesaving during emergencies. Broadband access also provides opportunity for jobs and education and supports an active and participatory democracy. Mayor de Blasio has long been a vocal proponent of increased access to broadband as a means of attaining greater equality and inclusion for all New Yorkers.

The de Blasio Administration committed to delivering upon this vision last April in One New York: The Plan for a Strong and Just City. To close New York City’s digital divide once and for all, OneNYC sets forth a goal that every resident and business will have access to affordable, reliable, high-speed broadband service everywhere.

DoITT works daily toward the goal of universal broadband through a host of initiatives. These range from promoting competition in the residential and commercial broadband markets, to investing in networks for provision of free or low-cost high-speed residential access for low-income communities; and from working toward successful citywide implementation of the LinkNYC network to covering the critical mass of New York City’s public spaces with WiFi service.