In 2014, DoITT launched the Telecommunications Planning and Resiliency Office (TPRO), which works to identify telecommunications resiliency needs in the City, as well as any legal, economic, and operational obstacles to meeting those needs. The TPRO was established in response to recommendations laid out in “A Stronger, More Resilient New York”, a comprehensive plan released by the City in June 2013 that contains actionable recommendations  for rebuilding the communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 as well as for increasing the resiliency of infrastructure and buildings citywide.  

Telecommunications services (telephone, wireless, Internet, and cable services) are essential to the ability to communicate – particularly before, during, and after emergencies – so telecommunications infrastructure, which includes critical facilities, cabling, cell sites, and equipment in individual buildings, must be able to withstand and recover from severe weather events. The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy made clear that there is always room for improvement.

The TPRO is tasked with improving the resiliency of telecommunications services in the city, with a focus on the infrastructure that businesses, residents, and visitors rely upon.

The TPRO also develops measures, and advocates for establishing regulations where appropriate,  which the telecommunications industry, regulators, and other stakeholders can adopt for improved disaster preparedness and enhanced telecommunications resiliency.

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