How to Submit a Pay Phone Complaint

If you need assistance related to an outdoor public pay telephone in New York City, you have many courses of action:
  • Contact the public pay telephone company. The name of the company can usually be found on the placard posted near the handset.
  • Visit 311 Online or text 311NYC (311692). 311 staff will forward your complaint information to DoITT's Public Pay Telephone Unit for resolution.
  • Write to DoITT's Franchise Unit:
    DoITT Franchise Administration
    2 Metro Tech Center, 4th Floor
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Contact the Independent Payphone Association of New York (IPANY):
    191-28 Palo Alto Avenue
    Holliswood, NY 11423-1212

Please note: DoITT does not regulate public pay telephones on private property, in the subway system, or attached to subway entrances and exits. For assistance with these phones, contact the pay telephone company or the property owner or, for subway properties, the MTA.

Fill out the Public Pay Telephone Customer Service Request Form.