After School

Cornerstone Youth Programs

group of children sitting in classroom with pencils

Cornerstone youth programs are designed to help participants acquire the skills and attitudes they need to graduate from high school, succeed in their chosen career, and give back to the community. Typical youth programs include:

  • Literacy Programs
  • Tutoring
  • Homework Help
  • Financial Literacy/Planning
  • Computer Access
  • Project-Based Learning Opportunities
  • High School and College Prep
  • Math Clubs
  • Photography
  • Digital Recording
  • Recreational Activities – Dance, Wrestling, Boxing Conditioning, Soccer, Basketball, and Others
  • Healthy Eating and Living
  • Creative/Media Arts
  • Computers
  • Chess
  • Martial Arts

Enrollment Dates

  • Summer Program Enrollment: Early Spring
  • School Year Enrollment: Elementary Aug-Sept (all others, year-round)

Program Requirements

  • Age 5 years old - Adult
  • Grades: Kindergarten - 12th grade