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New York City Local Law 11 of 2012 (Open Data Law) mandates that all “public” data be made freely available on a single web portal. According to the Open Data Law, a “public dataset” is any comprehensive collection of data that is maintained on a computer system by, or on behalf of, a City entity. NYC Open Data, which is the free public data published by New York City entities, provides an opportunity to engage New Yorkers in the information that is produced and used by City government.


The EEPC is committed to NYC Open Data for all to increase transparency, accountability, and accessibility within City government. To that end, the EEPC has designated an Open Data Coordinator to serve as the main point of contact for the public, and to identify, document, structure, and manage the EEPC’s public datasets. In 2019, the EEPC continued to identify and develop datasets, with accompanying data dictionaries, to be published on the NYC Open Data Portal. For additional information on NYC Open Data, please visit: