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Helping NY Keep Cool, Safe, and Sustainable

Lower your energy bills and improve your home's comfort today!

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We're here to help you improve your home's comfort and energy efficiency by connecting you to financial assistance, solutions, and professional contractors for FREE.

ElectrifyNYC (Electrify New York City) is a free program that helps NYC 1-4 family homeowners save money, get more comfortable, improve air quality, and connect with contractors and programs to:

  • Install heat pumps, solar, and other energy efficiency upgrades
  • Convert from oil & gas to clean energy for safer, greener, energy inside and outside your home
  • Air seal & insulate roofs, doors, and windows to compound energy savings
  • Pipe insulation so that it never costs more to heat your water
  • Obtain affordable financing and vetted contractors for your energy-efficient upgrades so there are no surprise costs
NYC is launching this program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from 1-4 family homes, to meet our citywide goal of bringing our carbon emissions to zero by 2050.

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