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Driven by its mission and core values, NYC Emergency Management's role is to make New York City the most ready and resilient it can be. NYC Emergency Management consists of the best and brightest emergency management professionals in the world. Agency staff members proudly represent the communities they serve.

NYC Emergency Management is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and employer. The agency believes that a diverse workforce, representative of the City it serves, is critical to our success as a leader in emergency management. NYC Emergency Management seeks a diverse pool of candidates, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment regardless of age, color, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion/creed, sexual orientation, military service or veteran status, immigration or citizenship status, national origin, marital or partnership status, caregiver status, pregnancy, sexual and reproductive health decisions, credit history, salary history, unemployment status, pre-employment marijuana testing, arrest or conviction record, and status as victim of domestic violence, sexual violence, or stalking.

NYC Emergency Management is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Special accommodations will be provided for applicants with disabilities and applicants with access and functional needs.
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Current Opportunities

The following positions are currently accepting applicants. Only those individuals whose experience and skills best meet the requirements of the position will be contacted.

  • Citywide Emergency Reassignment Specialist (Job ID # 484447)
  • Data Visualization Program Manager (Job ID # 484501)
  • Data Visualization Specialist (Job ID # 484558)
  • Deputy Agency Chief Contracting Officer (Job ID # 489480)
  • Deputy Chief Counsel (Job ID # 485407)
  • Desktop Support Technician (Job ID # 485162)
  • Director of Financial Recovery & Compliance (Job ID # 482889)
  • Director of Innovation & Strategic Projects (Job ID # 470227)
  • Director of Public Safety, GIS Data Center (Job ID # 466297)
  • Director of USAR (Job ID # 468152)
  • Disability Access and Functional Needs (DAFN) Human Services Specialist (Job ID # 474752)
  • Distribution Specialist (Job ID # 474065)
  • Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Training Program Manager (Job ID # 485314)
  • Emergency Support Specialist (Job ID # 490334)
  • Emergency Support Center Director (Job ID # 490408)
  • Exercise Administration Specialist (Job ID # 487794)
  • Exercises Administration Program Manager (Job ID # 487755)
  • Finance Specialist (Job ID # 489489)
  • Financial Recovery & Compliance Program Manager (Job ID # 469295)
  • GIS Mitigation Program Manager (Job ID # 478770)
  • Ground Support Specialist (Job ID # 483021)
  • Human Capital Data Specialist (Job ID # 485422)
  • Human Capital Specialist (Job ID # 485430)
  • Infrastructure Specialist (Job ID # 487802)
  • Inventory Specialist (Job ID # 490339)
  • Logistics Specialist (Job ID # 483978)
  • Mitigation Specialist (Job ID # 485328)
  • Mitigation Specialist (Job ID # 485510)
  • Mutual Aid Specialist (Job ID # 473581)
  • Network Engineer (Job ID # 468519)
  • On-Call Emergency Contract Program Manager (Job ID # 484475)
  • On-Call Emergency Contract Specialist (Job ID # 484490)
  • Plan Management Program Manager (Job ID # 468308)
  • Plan Management Specialist (Job ID # 483935)
  • Procurement Program Manager (Job ID # 489465)
  • Procurement Specialist (Job ID # 489398)
  • Records Program Manager (Job ID # 479958)
  • Recovery Program Manager (Job ID # 487818)
  • Risk Analysis Specialist (Job ID # 490242)
  • Shelter Program Manager (Job ID #461904)
  • Shelter Program Specialist (Job ID # 487805)
  • Stockpile Specialist (Job ID # 464960)
  • Strategic Initiatives Program Manager (Job ID # 484458)

Part-Time Opportunities

How to Apply

  • Non-City/External Candidates: Visit the Public Careers in NYC website and search by Job ID # indicated on posting. You will be required to create a user name and password.
  • Current City Employees: Go to Employee Self-Service (ESS) to view and apply for available positions. Click on Recruiting Activities > Careers > Search by Job ID # indicated on posting.
  • NYC Emergency Management Employees: Apply directly through NYCAPS/ESS and send a copy of your resume and cover letter to NYC Emergency Management Human Resources at

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