Local Law Reports & Compliance

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ADA Policy and Compliance

It is the policy of New York City Emergency Management to comply with all applicable laws including but not limited to, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the Rehabilitation Act, the New York State Human Rights Law and the New York City Human Rights Law. NYC Emergency Management does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the operation of its programs, services and activities. View New York City Emergency Management policies prohibiting discrimination against people with disabilities

Compliance with Section 4-210

New York City Emergency Management is in compliance with Section 4-210 of the NYC Admin. Code (as added by Local Law 246 of 2017). NYC Emergency Management has a policy and procedure limiting access to the non-public areas of its facilities.

Public Meetings

New York City Local Emergency Planning Committee met at NYC Emergency Management's headquarters in Brooklyn. Attendees including staff from NYC agencies and the general public.

Watch the June 15, 2018 video on YouTube
Watch the June 20, 2017 video on YouTube; Read the transcript
Watch the June 7, 2016 video on YouTube; Read the transcript
Watch the June 9, 2015 video on YouTube

Local Law Reports

NYC OpenData

NYC Emergency Management makes the data it generates available for public use on the NYC OpenData website. Public data sets made available on the web portal are provided for informational purposes.

Local Law 30

Local Law 30 creates a centralized language access policy for New York City. Local Law 30 mandates that City agencies create a language access implementation plan in order to ensure meaningful language access to their services. NYC Emergency Management's Language Access Coordinator is Christina Farrell, Deputy Commissioner of External Affairs.
View the agency's language access plan

Local Law 17/2015

Local Law 17/2015 adds a new section (30-114) to the NYC Administrative Code, and requires the New York City Department of Emergency Management to develop and make available localized emergency preparedness materials regarding the risks of hurricanes and coastal storms. The resources are a compilation of localized emergency preparedness materials for communities at risk during coastal storms and hurricanes, who may be located within New York City's six hurricane evacuation zones. These resources are also available in languages commonly spoken within these communities.
View the Local Law 17/2015 resources

Local Law 98/2013

Local Law 98/2013 adds a new section (30-113) to the NYC Administrative Code, and requires the City of New York to provide homeowners and building owners with information on how to prepare buildings for weather emergencies, natural disasters, and power outages.
View preparedness information for homeowners and building owners

Local Law 24/2011

Local Law 24/2011 outlines the plans and protocols in place to guide New York City's response to weather emergencies, including plans for winter weather, coastal storms, extreme heat, flash floods, and events causing power outages, damage to structures, and/or significant amounts of debris. Click below for additional details.
Weather Emergency Protocols Report: Local Law 24/2011 (2017)

Local Law 26/2011

Local Law 26/2011 requires agencies responsible for preparing for and responding to snow emergencies provide an annual snow preparedness and response report for each snow event of six inches or greater. Click below for the interagency snow preparedness and response reports submitted to date. 

2013 Snow Preparedness and Response Report
2014 Snow Preparedness and Response Report
2015 Snow Preparedness and Response Report
2016 Snow Preparedness and Response Report 
2017 Snow Preparedness and Response Report