Utility Disruptions

Phone Service Disruptions

A woman talking outside on her cell phone with an ambulance in the background.

While long-term phone service disruptions in New York City are relatively uncommon, they are not unprecedented.

During emergencies, the City has a plan in place for utility companies to share infrastructure. In the event of a widespread phone outage or service disruption, the City may set up pay phone banks, and in extreme cases, vendors may supply cell phones to affected areas.

If you lost landline phone service:

  • Use your cell phone, or borrow one from a friend or neighbor if possible and call your provider to report an outage. If Internet service is available, you may contact your service provider online.
  • If you have a cordless phone, keep in mind you may lose service during a power outage. It is a good idea to have a phone that does not rely on electricity.
  • Fire alarm boxes will continue to work.

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