Ready New York Inquiries & Materials Request

Thank you for contacting the Ready New York program. To request an event, please fill out the Ready New York: Request an Event form. To request more information and materials, please fill out the form below. Please submit a material request at least three weeks before your event. (Note: some materials may be available digitally or online only. See the Guides & App page for details.

*Note: You can request presentations and materials in other languages.*

*Note: If you are an active NYC Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) member, please contact your team leadership to submit a material request.*

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Materials Requested (check all that apply):

Pocket Guide
My Emergency Plan + Hurricanes and New York City
My Pet's Emergency Plan
Let's Get Ready, New York! (kids guide)
Be Ready, Be Safe coloring book
Choose Your Own Path to Preparedness (tween guide)
Ready New York for Business
Ready New York for Business Emergency Plan Toolkit
Emergency Reference Card
Ready New York videos
Audio files