About Let's End Human Trafficking

Let's Call an End to Human Trafficking

A person is a victim of human trafficking when they are forced, tricked, or coerced into performing commercial sex acts or working in exploitive jobs. A victim of trafficking can be from any foreign country or from the United States and can be any age, sex, or ethnicity. Human trafficking is a global problem, and with New York City as a major transportation hub, there is potential for both foreign-born and domestic victims of human trafficking to pass through here. Human trafficking often remains hidden from public view, allowing traffickers to evade detection by law enforcement. The Let's End Human Trafficking community awareness campaign helps bring human trafficking out of the shadows to raise awareness among New Yorkers about this heinous form of exploitation. By exposing this crime, New Yorkers can take part in the fight against human trafficking and encourage victims to come forward and seek help. 


If you are a victim of human trafficking or would like to report a tip regarding suspected human trafficking, call 911 in an emergency.  If you have information regarding human trafficking which is not an emergency, would like more information about human trafficking or would like to learn about how you can help, call the toll-free National Hotline at 1-888-373-7888.