Frequently Asked Questions

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When will the project be completed?

The start of construction for the East Coast Resiliency Project is projected for early 2019. Once underway, construction projects of this scale typically takes approximately five years to complete.

What city agency is responsible for this project?

The project is led by the NYC Department of Design and Construction (DDC), Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), and Mayor's Office of Recovery and Resiliency.

How is this project being funded?

HUD provided the City with $335 million in Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds based on results from the Rebuild by Design competition. City funds will also be put towards this project.

What are the goals of this project?

The ESCR Project is being designed to reduce the impacts of floods and other climate related hazards, while also building both physical and social resiliency - strengthening the city's coastline in addition to re-establishing public space, outdoor gathering, and waterfront accessibility.

Will the project ensure that my neighborhood never experiences flooding again?

Coastal protection infrastructure is just one of many measures that can be used to increase resiliency. While the ESCR Project will help to reduce flood risk, no single measure can fully protect a neighborhood from climate events. This is why the city is working to build awareness and ensure that communities take necessary precautions on multiple fronts, including implementing resilient building standards, expanding green infrastructure, increasing disaster preparedness, and planning for evacuation.

Will the neighborhood lose access to its parks while construction is taking place?

While phasing and construction staging will be planned to maximize ongoing use of the park, access to areas of East River and Stuyvesant Cove Parks will be limited during construction.

Will the project increase flood risk in nearby areas once it is built?

The Project Team has analyzed flood risk and found that there are minimal increases in flood height for areas north and south of the project.

Is the project being coordinated with other city efforts?

Yes, the Project Team is coordinating with related efforts led by the Department of City Planning, Department of Parks and Recreation, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation on projects such as the Resilient Neighborhoods Initiative, Pier 42 Masterplan, Solar Two, and Citywide Ferry Service.

My neighborhood is not included in the ESCR Project area - when can I expect similar work to be started?

The ESCR Project is the first piece of a larger effort to enhance coastal protection across the city. $6.75 Million of City and State CDBG-DR funding has been set aside for planning and conceptual design for the area stretching from ESCR Project's southern boundary at Montgomery St., south to encompass Two Bridges, South Street Seaport, the Financial District, and The Battery, where an additional $108 Million of capital funding has been set aside for the first phases of project implementation. At Hospital Row, $1.3 Billion federal funding has been allocated to the hospitals to protect critical medical facilities.

Are local community boards involved in the planning and construction phases?

Yes, a joint CB3/CB6 Waterfront Task Force has been formed to provide guidance for the project. Meetings are held every 3 months to provide updates and receive feedback on community outreach and design.

If I have other questions or concerns about this project, who can I contact?

Any questions, concerns, and comments can be directed to: