Community Engagement

Design team using a three-dimensional model during a public design workshop

The ESCR Project builds on the dynamic community engagement and design process initiated during the Rebuild by Design competition. Through public design workshops, the community compares and discusses different approaches using three-dimensional models and drawings of different options. Armed with community feedback, the design team combines the results of these discussions with engineering findings to further develop the flood protection options, and then brings the updated options back to the design workshops for more community discussion. This process creates a feedback loop between the community and the design team.

In addition, guidance is provided by a Waterfront Task Force representing Community Boards 3 and 6 as well as other community organizations, and smaller meetings are held with stakeholder groups organized around specific topic areas for more focused discussion and input on the project.

To better understand community needs, the project team also analyzed earlier plans and projects in the area, including the East River Waterfront Esplanade, A People's Plan, and the The East River Blueway Plan. Some elements of these plans are already under way, necessitating coordination and information sharing to ensure that the projects are well integrated.