Graphic of a map depicting the scope of the ESCR project, a 2.2 mile stretch from East 25th Street to Montgomery Street

The City was awarded $335 million to evaluate and develop integrated coastal protection for the 2.4 mile stretch from East 25th Street to Montgomery Street. The boundaries of this project correspond with the natural "pinch-points" in the 100-year floodplain: areas where the land is higher along the coastline, making it easier to close the system off from water entering from the north and south. This will create a stand-alone "compartment" designed to address coastal flooding from three sides.

The site is further divided into two "Project Areas" to respond to the very different technical and urban challenges of each section. Project Area 1 is a 1.5 mile stretch characterized primarily by East River Park, extending from Montgomery Street to East 13th Street, and Project Area 2 is a roughly 0.9 mile stretch comprised of the East 13th Street Con Edison Complex, Patrick J. Brown Walkway, Stuyvesant Cove Park and Asser Levy Park.