The East Side Coastal Resiliency (ESCR) Project is an integrated coastal protection system that will reduce the risk of flooding and facilitate access to the waterfront, creating improved public spaces and enhanced natural areas. Stretching from Montgomery Street to East 25th Street, the ESCR Project will strengthen 2.4 miles of urban coastline against floods and rising sea levels, while providing social and environmental benefits to the community the other ninety-nine percent of the time.

At East River Park, the City is raising the park, moving the flood protection alignment closer to the water’s edge through a series of buried coastal defense measures. The revised design approach still protects the community to the 100-year storm event plus 2050s sea level rise.  The benefits to this design approach include:

  • Reduced construction time, resulting in an operable flood protection system for the 2023 Hurricane Season,
  • Less disruption for nearby residents during construction, as work can be done faster and during the day via the East River,
  • Improved ability for the park to respond to coastal flooding, resulting in less downtime after storm events before the park is functioning again, and,
  • Expanded connections to East River Park and access to the waterfront, with fewer walls between the park and the community.

At Stuyvesant Cove Park, elevated and enhanced open spaces will work together with the ferry landing, cultural facilities, and kayaking amenities to create a vibrant waterfront. The use of deployable elements will maintain views and access to the water at critical locations, ensuring continued connections between the neighborhood and its waterfront.

Taken together, the ESCR Project builds physical, social, and economic resiliency - strengthening the City's coastline while reestablishing public space, enabling outdoor gathering opportunities, and improving waterfront accessibility.

Community Benefits of the ESCR Project

  • Flood Risk Reduction
  • Improved Park Access
  • Enhanced Public Spaces