Where We Live NYC


Where We Live NYC is a collaborative planning process led by the City of New York to better understand how challenges like segregation and discrimination impact New Yorker’s everyday lives. Through Where We Live NYC, the City of New York is developing the next chapter of fair housing policies that fight discrimination, breakdown barriers to opportunity, and build more just and inclusive neighborhoods.

Learn more at the Where We Live NYC website: nyc.gov/WhereWeLive


Where We Live NYC will include extensive community participation as well as data and policy analysis that will culminate with the release of a public report in the fall of 2019 with measurable goals and strategies that are designed to foster inclusive communities, promote fair housing choice, and increase access to opportunity for all New Yorkers.

HPD is partnering with the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) to lead the process, along with a set of key government partners including the Department of City Planning, Department of Transportation, Department of Education, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, Department of Social Services, and the NYC Commission on Human Rights, among others.

Where We Live NYC will involve a robust community engagement process to collect meaningful public input from New York City residents, including focus group-style "Community Conversations" to better understand the factors that contribute to housing and neighborhood choice, and how residential living patterns impact New Yorkers' lives, families, and access to opportunity. 

As part of Where We Live NYC, HPD has also convened a Fair Housing Stakeholder Group of advocates, services providers, academic researchers, and community leaders that will help the City to better understand existing neighborhood conditions and the historic and ongoing factors that contribute to segregation, concentrated poverty, and disparities in access to opportunity. 

Both the Fair Housing Stakeholder Group and resident engagement will emphasize the unique challenges faced by different populations protected by fair housing law – including but not limited to immigrants, people with disabilities, seniors, LGBTQ individuals, and different racial, ethnic, and religious communities. Engagement activities will take place in neighborhoods across the five boroughs, and materials will be made accessible in multiple languages and for New Yorkers with disabilities.


The engagement process and report development will follow a three-phased approach: 

Learn (Spring/Summer 2018)
HPD will work with the Fair Housing Stakeholder Group, residents, and government partners to understand existing conditions, begin data analysis, and prioritize the factors that contribute to fair housing issues in New York City. 

Create (Fall 2018)
HPD will work collaboratively with partners to surface ideas for policy solutions based on the information and contributing factors prioritized in the Learn Phase. 

Finalize (2019)
HPD will work with partners to develop an initial policy framework that takes into account all input from stakeholders, research, and resident engagement, and will share this initial draft with the Fair Housing Stakeholder Group, residents, and government partners for feedback, with the final draft scheduled for completion in fall 2019.

This process was informed by input from government partners, community leaders, services providers, and academic researchers, who we have been engaged throughout the planning of this effort.

The City is launching this effort despite the recent notice from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) that delayed implementation of a requirement that cities, states, and public housing authorities perform an Assessment of Fair Housing (AFH) and implement policies to overcome segregation and discrimination as a condition for receiving federal funding. In response to this federal delay, the City will use the same framing and cover the same content as the AFH as part of Where We Live NYC.

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