Certificates of Fitness

Effective 5/17/2021, COF holders can apply, renew and make payments online to save time.

The Fire Department of New York (FDNY) issues Certificates of Fitness (COF) for various types of dangerous occupations. We provide study materials, other guidance and tests to individual applicants to ensure they know how to safely use, store and handle dangerous materials in the workplace. Under the New York City Fire Code, a COF is needed to:

  • Manufacture, store, handle, use, maintain, inspect, test or transport certain materials.
  • Conduct certain operations.
  • Operate certain facilities.

See list of Certificates of Fitness below for Study Materials and exam specific information.

To obtain a Certificate of Fitness

COF exams can be taken at FDNY Headquarters. Most COF exams are walk-in exams. Exam fees can be paid by credit/debit card, check or money order only. Cash is no longer accepted. Applicants who have completed application and payment online will have a shorter wait time.

The following COFs require an appointment before taking the exam at FDNY Headquarters: F89, F80, Q01, S56, S98.

You must have a COF application ID before scheduling the appointment.

To make a group appointment

Groups of ten (10) applicants or more MUST contact FDNY.BusinessSupport@FDNY.nyc.gov to schedule an appointment.

Certificate of Fitness Application

COF applications can be completed online or in-person at the FDNY Headquarters. FDNY highly recommends COF candidates use the online application BEFORE coming to FDNY Headquarters.

Candidates who complete the online application and payment will be processed faster and have a shorter wait time to take the exam.

Online Certificate of Fitness Application (FDNY Business)

NOTE: If you do not have NYC.ID, you must “create account” first to obtain your NYC.ID. After your NYC.ID has been created, you can click log in to proceed with a COF application.

Certificate of Fitness Renewals

COFs can be renewed online, in-person, or by mail.

Online renewal can be processed by the following methods:

(1) Simplified COF Renewal: Renewal the COF without creating a NYC ID

Fee Exempt COFs and COFs that require changes cannot be renewed via simplified COF renewal process.

NOTE: Fee Exempt applies to the NYC city agency employees who have submitted a recommendation letter with city agency letterhead.

(2) Comprehensive COF Renewal: Renewal COF with a NYC ID.

All COFs can be renewed online by logging in with a NYC ID, including Fee Exempt COFs. The FDNY strongly encourages you to create a NYC ID account and log in to view and/or renew all of your Certificates of Fitness information and expiration dates. You can also upload supporting documents (such as proof of employment) and change your mailing address online.

NOTE: Notices of Exam (NOEs), Study Guides and Small Business Services instructions (SBS) are currently being updated and may not contain instructions for online applications, renewals and payments. Please consult the user guide for online filing, renewal and payment details. Requests for address changes and replacement cards must still be filed via US Mail or in-person at 9MTC.

Quick Renewal Guide for FLSD, Expeditors or Fee Exempt Applicants

Certificate of Fitness Duplicate or Update

COF holders can request a replacement of a lost COF card online.  

COF holders who change the company or work location can also request a new COF card with new company name and/or work address online.

Click the instruction below to learn how to request a replacement or an update.

Quick Reference Instruction for Certificate of Fitness Duplicate or Update

List of Certificate of Fitness Exams and Information

The following is a list of Certificates of Fitness offered by the FDNY. It is listed in alphabetical order.

A35  To Operate and Maintain Air Compressors
A49  Supervision of Aerosols

B03 Testing of In-Building Auxiliary Radio Communication Systems
B28 Supervision of Outdoor Stationary Storage Battery Systems
B29  Supervision of Battery Systems and Other Related Equipment

C01 Supervision of Liquefied Natural Gas Plant
C02 Fire Truck Operator at LNG Plant
C14 Supervising Non-production Chemical Laboratories
C15 Flame Retardant Treatment
C20 Supervision of Storage, Handling and Use of Cellulose Nitrate Film
C30 Supervision of Flammable/Combined Finishing Operations
C36 Supervision of Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials in Retail
C42 Storage and Handling of Corrosives and Oxidizers
C91 Supervision of Storage, Handling and Use of Hazardous Materials
C92 Supervision of Flammable/Combustible Liquids  
C93 Supervision of Dry Cleaning Facilities
C94 Supervise of Storage, Handling and Use of Chemicals in Funeral Homes
C97 Supervision of Storage and Handling of Combustible and/or Toxic Fumigants and Pesticides
C99 Supervision and Maintenance of a CNG Facility

D10 Fire and Emergency Drill Conductor For NYC K-12 Schools
D14 Supervise the Handling and Use of Chemicals in NYC K-12 School Labs
D15 Supervise The Storage and Handling of Chemicals in the NYC K-12 School Labs
D20 Fire and Emergency Drill Conductor For NYC K-12 Nonpublic Schools (Premise Related)

E10 Blaster (All Purpose)
E11 Blaster (Shaft and Tunnel)
E12 Demolition of Building Using Explosives
E13 Underwater Blasting
E14 Powder Carrier
E15 Magazine Keeper
E16 Explosives Handler
E17 Explosives Loader
E18 Pyrotechnic Special Effect
E19 Use and Discharge of Fireworks -Pyrotechnic Class B
E20 Pyrotechnic Fireworks
E21 Use Ammunition Activated Tools
E25 Explosives Safety Control 
E27 Pyrotechnic Apprentice – Class C
E28 Fire Producer
E29 Fire Performer
E30 Special Effects (SPFX) Fire Safety

F01 Citywide Fire Guard for Impairment
F02 Fire Guard for Shelters (Citywide) 
F03 Indoor Place of Assembly Safety Personnel
F04 Temporary Indoor/Outdoor Place of Assembly Safety Personnel
F07 Fire and Emergency Drill Conductor
F40 Operators of Central Station Signaling Systems
F53 Emergency One-Way Voice Announcement Personnel
F60 Fire Guard for Torch Operations
F61 Supervision of Hookah Establishments
F78 Cleaning and Testing of Smoke Detectors
F80 Coordinator of Fire Safety and Alarm Systems in Homeless Shelters       
F89 Fire Life and Safety Director
F92 Fire Guard for Boatyards/Marinas and to Supervise Boatyards/Marinas

G22 Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Compressed Natural Gas
G23 Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Compressed Natural Gas at Outdoor Events & Mobil Cooking
G24 Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Compressed Natural Gas in Emergency Indoor Repair
G29 Safe Use, Handling, Storage and Compression of Flammable Gases With Pressure Above 6 Per Square Inch
G34 Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Compressed Natural Gas in Hot–Air Balloon
G36 Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Compressed Natural Gas in Manhole Operations
G40 Use Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Compressed Natural Gas for Tar Kettles
G41 Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Compressed Natural Gas For Torch-Applied Roof Systems
G42 Use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Compressed Natural Gas For All Roofing Operations
G44 Storage and Handling of Liquefied Petroleum Gas or Compressed Natural Gas
G46 Storage, Handling, Use and Refilling of Non-Flammable Gas Cylinders
G60 Torch Use of Flammable Gas
G61 Torch Use in Manufacture of Jewelry
G71 Supervision of Piped Non-Flammable Medical Gases
G79 Supervision of Storage, Handling & Use of Commercial Cryogenic
G82 Handling and Dispensing of Carbon Dioxide Dispensors
G91 Supervision of Natural Gas Co-Generation Systems
G92 High-Pressure Natural Gas Fired Microturbine Systems
G93 Supervision of Portable Outdoor Natural Gas Heaters in Sidewalk Cafes
G98 Handling, Use and Storage of Flammable Compressed Gases
G99 Use of Anhydrous Ammonia for Heat Treating (Dissociators) and Duplicating Machines

L19 Supervision of Sanitary Landfill Methane Recovery Facilities

P02 Generic Precision Test
P13 Supervision of a Bulk Oil Storage Plant
P15 Motor Fuel-Dispensing Service Station
P23 Operation of Petroleum Pipeline
P53 Supervision of De-Fueling Motor Vehicle Fuel Tanks
P54 Crane Aerial Fueling Operations At A Construction Site
P64 Commercial Cooking Exhaust Systems and Precipitator Clean Technician
P98 Fuel-Oil Piping and Storage System
P99 Low Pressure Oil Burner Operator

Q01 Certificate of Qualification for Refrigerating System Operating Engineer

R58 Remedial Fire and Life Safety Director Fire Component Examination
R59 Remedial Fire and Life Safety Director Non-Fire Component Examination

S11 Supervision of Residential Sprinkler System
S12 Supervision of Sprinkler Systems
S13 Supervision of Standpipe System
S14 Supervision of Multi-Zone Standpipe System
S15 Supervision of Foam-Water Sprinkler Systems
S56 Construction Site Fire Safety Manager
S60 Watchperson at Construction Site
S78 Cleaning & Testing of Smoke Detectors Citywide
S88 Certificate of Fitness for E-Mail Document Submission Representative
S89 Certification of Corrected Fire Alarm System Defects
S91 Supervise the Temporary Storage and Dispensing of Flammable or Combustible Liquids at Film and TV Production Sites
S92 Supervision of Portable Fueled Space Heaters at Construction Sites
S93 Supervise the Temporary Storage and Dispensing of Flammable or Combustible Liquids at Construction Sites
S94 Handling and Dispensing Flammable or Combustible Liquids
S95 Supervision of Fire Alarm Systems
S96 Sales of Portable Fire Extinguishers
S97 Fire Alarm Systems Inspection, Testing and Service Principal
S98 Fire Alarm Systems Inspection, Testing and Service Technician
S99 Verification of Corrected Fire Alarm System Defects

T89 Temporary Fire Life and Safety Director  

W16 Installation, Alteration, Testing and Repair of Liquid Motor Fuel Storage Tank and Dispensing Systems
W28 Supervision of Mobile Battery Systems (Citywide)
W42 Supervision of Handling and Use of Corrosives and Oxidizers
W49 Supervision Of Storage, Handling and Use of Aerosol at Construction Site only
W64 Commercial Cooking Exhaust System Cleaning Technician
W79 Delivering, Installing, Repairing Cryogenic Containers or Systems
W94 Install, Test and Repair Flammable & Commercial Liquid Tankers
W96 Full Service Shop of Portable Fire Extinguishers
W97 Fumigation and Insecticidal Fogging

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